Our First Injury

My personal cheering squad”s message regarding CrossFit

It never gets easier

  •  you get better
  •  then go faster
  •  and it gets harder


I am thankful for dental benefits.

My youngest son went yesterday for his checkup, cleaning.  No cavities!

Today he was at the box, and next thing you know he had chipped 1/2 of his tooth off. (He did a  bad form in a lift as he forgot to move his head out of the way.  (Of course, that is the same lift that I was struggling learning — motivation to get my head right!).  He finished his WOD, then called dentist who fit him in and reattached the chip through epoxy.  Silly guy, but you would never know by looking at him, that it was broke!.

For me, it was learning how to do front squats, back squats and overhead squats today.    As I described it, “Did a bunch of stuff, it was fun….”

The Paleo is working well.  I feel better.  Not sure if it is the workouts, the food, the getting out of the office at a reasonable time, or what, but, truly, I feel better.

I have been eating egg muffins each morning and they are delicious.  I made 24 of them, which is about a 1/2 an egg each.  They made a mess of the muffin tin, and I need to make more soon.  Grab 4 out of the fridge, pop them in the microwave and have a delicious healthy breakfast in the time it takes to get my coffee and lunch ready.  Going to try the next batch with sausage and a different oil for battering the pan.

Lunch for the first week was a lot of seeds and berries and a piece of fruit.  This week I have been eating leftover protein from the week’s cooking and vegetables.   It is wonderful, easy and filling and don’t feel the need for a quick snack.  On workout days, I ensure that I have a good lunch, as I only have a light snack prior to CrossFit.

Weight has been dropping.  Not crazy fast, but better than expected.  Shouldn’t weigh for 30 days, so will wait and post my differences then.

The most important part….I feel better!

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