The Power of an Encouraging Voice

Session 4

Sitting with tired muscles tonight,  Warms up was 2 rounds of 10 lunges, 10 pass thrus, 10 strict press, 30 second plank, 10 push press , 30 sec stretch….then  the class did 15-12 -9 of  kettle bells,  rings  and box jumps (I did 9-7-5 and did a funky  floor pull up coz rings are too hard for me).   Hilarious, I just did a jump onto a 4″ box when some were doing 20″ but I would rather jump on 4″ than step up on a 6″ so I could focus on style.  anyhow, interesting.  enjoying it.


When I am feeling down, or running out of energy, near the end of the WOD, everyone else is done and I am still moving through the routine, I am thankful for two people in particular, Jessica & Mitch.   Their positive reinforcement is part of what makes the place so good.  Yes, some day I hope I am not the last person to finish..but, when every session, I am would be easy to get down.  Jessica’s uplifting “You can do it” and high-5, and Mitch, taking a knee as I struggled through a session, offering encouragement.   They are a gift.

The coaches are as well.  Each has their own style and helps you through various styles of methods to address how you learn.   Demonstrating, mimicking, talking it through, modelling parallel, slowly, in full process — you name it, they try it to help you get how to do it.

In the last session, I cracked up as the one trainer attempted to teach me through mimic, how to do a sumo deadlift.

When picking up the new program, such as how to to do a deadlift, I find that my mind is busy trying to juggle

  •  the physical mechanics of the move — legs straight, butt back, head up
  •  the order and timing of the various parts of my body, ie head/legs/arms/torso
  •   the count — how many have I done
  •  breathing

When the trainer said, look at me, which implied listening to his voice (using auditory) and watching him (using visual), my synapses went into overload.I recognized that though I am good at multi-tasking, I had just exceeded my capability — and I started to laugh as the whole system fell apart.

That awareness of the cause of the laughter told me a lot about the level of concentration that I required to learn these new moves.

It  is a good mental exercise and I am truly enjoying it.

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