Box Etiquette

Home from my third session.  I am not someone who has learned a lot of physical moves in exercise.   My idea of exercise was stretching when I was reading.  Well, maybe not quite, but walking, biking and dancing were how I moved….not with squats, lifts, pushups, stretches.  What are these things, who does these things? Really?

I am thankful for the patience of the CrossFit trainers who go through things with me multiple times until I start to get them, and then loop back to reinforce. And, surprisingly, the moves work.  Feeling sore in a good way.  I never knew there are muscles in some of the places that I am feeling them.  Yet, no back pain, no crazy knee pain which surprises me in a pleasant way.

Our 2nd workout was 3x 25 skips, 10 deadlifts, 25 skips, 10 SDHP and 3rd was  4x 10strict press, 10 amsu, 10 push press, 10 squats.   I scale mine, so, for example, reduction in number of items.  if a weight, then lifting a lighter one.

For someone who struggled getting up off the floor, well, it often isn’t pretty as I struggle to figure out how to move this bulk.

Signed up for the Intro to CrossFit for a second time, starting in Feb.  This will allow me to continue to get my body in shape and learn the moves but have a time of concentrated training and reinforcement.

 Why? I am aware that I am both concentrating on physically remembering how to move, being able to breathe and trying to learn the new movements appropriately.  i’m hoping by the end of the 3rd week, the “how to move” will have resolved itself a fair bit better, the breathing will improve a bit, and then I can resee the new movements

This Saturday was also the day I started to take control back on food.  Hit a roadside market and bought vegetables and fruit.  Went to Witteveen’s for meat.  Paleo here I come.    It’s recipe time:

Why is this post called box etiquette?  well, it is better than — yikes, what happens when you are doing a situp and a toot, gas, fart escapes?

Turns out, you do the same as you would anywhere — you say excuse me, chuckle with the soul who noticed, hope it doesn’t smell….and, the good news is, odds are they are so busy, they won’t even notice.

Lesson #2 completed.

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