Tracking – Obsess Much?

I need to know what to eat.

I need to know how much to eat.

One of the things about being obese is you start to doubt yourself for good reason.  What to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, how to prepare it.

  1. Goal find a site that I can record weight, food, activity
  2. Follow it closely for at least 30 days to track patterns
  3. Needs a reporting functionality so that I can see correlation.

Tried Calorie Count

  • Food tracking: lots of food options, entry was easy
  • Reporting was ok.
  • Security: questionable
  • Overall : Disliked ads and the spam email that started shortly after signing up.  Coincidence, maybe, but, dropped the site.

Tried PaleoTrack

  • Basic, very basic
  • Reporting: did measure food for paleo.
  • No fitness tracking

Tried SuperTracker

  • Good food base
  • Excellent reporting
  • Reasonable physical activity reporting
  • Weight module
  • Goal Setting
  • provided by the us dept of agriculture, and so, given privacy, I would rather have the devil that I know than the one I don’t.
  • There are no advertisements.

So, on day 3 I re-entered all my food from Calorie Counter into SuperTracker. Did an official weigh in, and started the process.

Now to figure out what I should be eating.  Paleo crockpot and cooking here I come.

First change: cut diet coke from beverages.  done, cold turkey.

**** Noted.  Became aware that it is recommended you do not weigh yourself for 30days when starting CrossFit.  I get the principle.  I may regret not following that advice. 

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