Vomit, please God, no.

First night of Introduction to CrossFit.  Need to be there at 7:30pm.

Get home at 5pm, husband has made spaghetti for supper, with meat sauce.  I eat dinner.  (hah, you who know, start your snickering)

Find clothes that fit — not as easy as one would expect, but thankful for help of G earlier in summer for shorts/shirt/runners purchase.

Forget to get on the scales, but know that I am heavier than my 268lb heavy weight last summer..clothes are tighter. Hard to go up & down stairs regularly…short of breath. Hard to put on socks, shoes.

Get into car….start to drive. Dang, forgot water bottle.

Go back into house.  Self-doubt. What am I thinking.  This is ridiculous. I can’t do it.  I won’t be able to keep up. I have never done anything like this.  i am crazy.

Find water bottle.

Get a text from son.  “Best of luck at Crossfit.”   (how can I give up with that kind of support, ok, tears well up)

Get in car, confirm check list of items required via text with G…..suck it up, and drive to Brantford.

Arrive.  Read the rules (coz that is what I do — read the boards!).  See the rule – introduce yourself to at least one new member or do burpies.  I remember G telling me about burpies, I doubt we would have to do it, but hey, I’m an extrovert so that’s easy, there are 9 new people.  I introduce myself to group, leaders, we start to chat.  Soon, we know the other extroverts in the room.

So, the process is warmup, skills, wod for the intro.  (wod = work out of the day).

Cutting to the chase, the first wod was 50 skips..then 15-12-9 squats, push-ups, situps then 50skips.  (you crossfitters, just shush…i know that it simple for you)

well, I think around the 15 pushups, my thoughts were on how soon the spaghetti was going  to eject from me to the floor…and the rest of it was on how to ensure I did not vomit. Each situp was a projectile vomit waiting to happen.

I have no idea how I made it through that session, but I did learn one thing.

It is really important to watch what you eat before you work out.

Who knew?

Then, the coach started to say “good work, you can do it, just a few more, well done”.  It was amazing what being able to focus on an external voice helped.  I made it, finished, did fewer of each of the items than the group had, but, did what was set for me.  I felt better when I got out into the cool air, the nausea went away.

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