Out of Control

Somehow, I let myself get out of control.

Over time, over life, I got myself to a position that my weight was a large impediment to having a life.

Seriously…..and the path was going downhill.  Menopause was not going to make it any easier so they told me.

Sitting at 5’4″ and 270+ pounds, I watched my son transform his life through CrossFit.  Now, he was in good shape, but CrossFit turned him into an exceptionally fit person. Each day, he would say “it is scalable”.  I would smile, and think, not this much.

Finally, by July, I had heard it enough.  Other attempts to lose weight were not doing anything.  I booked an appointment with the CrossFit Brantford co-owner, Shawn.

My son, G, helped me find clothes, shoes to wear.

I went and died just trying to do the very basic of moves.  Skip, yeah right.  Pushup, who are you kidding.  Well, he was kind but blunt.  In my current shape there was no way that I could attend.  Yet, he didn’t say I was a total loss…..though I did feel it after trying to do and failing.

I walked out with a program for a month (or two), which would allow me to start to move enough to come to the Intro.  I was thankful..but also facing reality.

Home is a 20minute drive. I cried much of that drive that day.  Not from pain. Not from embarrassment   From the reality of what a stupid thing I was doing with my life, my future, and how foolish I had been.

Hard truths hit hard.

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