Warning — Pinga is on a rant!

Rant is a tool, brought to a fine art by Rick Mercer, and which can be a good release. There are those who get the rant, who comprehend the expulsion of frustration and commentary. They will have a belly laugh at the end, and say “now, Pinga ….”.

Why would I desire to rant at GC? Well, I have no tolerance for yapping dogs, mongrels who nip at the heels, at time just an annoyance but with the potential to be a real danger as they take away focus, resulting in missteps and spills. As the General Council 40 attempted to do the basic organizational business of the court, such as approving the agenda, and accepting accountability reports, time & again, a few voices chose to come to the mic. Not just speak, but to do speeches, going three times over their 90sec allotment, and with the same core message, which has been heard and responded to for 2 flipping years……

 So, here’s my rant.

With all due respect to our business & procedures table, when there is a 90second time at the mic, cut the *&(&( mic. Have a countdown clock, to give them warning, but …shut the mic off. People will learn they cannot do speeches, and may actually make a point or ask a question.

For those commissioners, who cannot see that occasional adjustments in staff structures in an organization the size of the United Church of Canada are normal, especially when combined with budgetary restrictions – take your blinders off. Listen for a while to the voices that have differing understandings.

 For those of you have chosen to personalize the attack, look closer at your own actions. Realize that you have demonized an individual, to the point where it blinds you, where it builds a wall between you and those who may actually sit and work with you on positive steps. I get that it hurts to have respected colleagues lose jobs – been there. I get that sometimes, there seems to be no logic and you wonder how can the services can go on – been there. Yet, normally, things  do go on. Believe it or not, most people are not indispensable. What is important rises to the top.

Remember. everyone has  a choice and a part to play… I hope you choose to be part of the solution .


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2 Responses to Warning — Pinga is on a rant!

  1. Trish MacGregor says:

    I’m so glad you are there Jayne! You are so good at naming bad behaviour, and I sense that you will make a huge difference in the circles you join. Connections…..you will make great connections. Keep up the great work!

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