Is Lobbying of Commissioners Valid?

A few weeks ago, I received a letter to my home address.

It was a lobby letter for a proposal : HAM 5 – The Future of Albright Gardens for the 40th General Council.

I was stunned.

At our orientation meeting, the Conference Secretary asked if we would like to receive lobby information directly. The answer was a resounding “no”. We agreed that should lobby material be sent in, it would be placed on the groups private Facebook Page. It would allow us to read it at our control, and also allow comments from the group.

I remember HAM 5 from Conference. It seemed logical. A group asking to be involved in discussions related to a process impacting property. Now this same group was bypassing the standard processes, and doing a direct appeal to commissioners. I must admit, it is making me wonder how easy they are to work with. .

Just thinking that when folks try to go around process they may find it does them more harm than good.

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2 Responses to Is Lobbying of Commissioners Valid?

  1. David Ogilvie says:

    That goes both ways. When there is a remit and 80% are not in favour and the changes go through anyway, what is the point of filing in the paperwork. The people who want changes that attend General Council will make the changes anyway for the benefit of those in the pews who don’t know what they’re talking about.

    General Council and the decisions made there are of no consequence. I will continue to believe what I believe to be the truth until the day that I am asked to leave the church I grew up in.

  2. pingadohtor says:

    David — how do you know 80% are not in favour of a proposal. Even if you had concerete stats on such an item, had those 80% been in the GC and listened to the voices of wisdom, then they too may have been in favour. The process is not put a proposal forward & vote, as you know. It is about listening, discerning and coming to consensus in community.

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