Discovering the Passion in the Church

Thursday evening, I spent time in the omnibus of the General Council 40 workbook. The reading flew by and energized me.  Here is the passion of the church showing through — the visionaries sharing their dreams of the future, and calling the church to action.

Before I reflect on those items, I wish to offer thanks for our Moderator, The Right Reverend David Giuliano. His letter to the General Council was passionate and pastoral, explaining how his brokenness and fragility from cancer during his term provided insight and “unwelcome blessing”.

Re our church he shared  “Our diminishing status, membership and income challenge us to measure the treasure of our life together by standards other than growth and success. As a church, we have a great heart for justice. From this less powerful place, we may be able to truly stand beside, rather than above, those we are called to serve. I believe we are being pushed into a more risky solidarity with Christ crucified and hence with those on the margins of society – the hungry, thirsty, homeless, sick, in prison and alone.

Re the Moderator directive   to give priority to visiting First Nations communities: . …… I took up this request with a sense of moral obligation to heal those our nation and church had so badly harmed. I now realize that our own healing, from cultural arrogance and attitudes of religious superiority, is just as pressing.

May we be able to live into the reshaping of which he writes.

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