I should be reading my GC40 Workbook!

On July 6, I received the 2nd phase of the prep work for GC40 (see United Church page / General Council 40 subpage). Eagerly, I downloaded and unzipped all the documentation for Proposals, Reports and general information.

As I sat waiting for the downloads, in typical Pinga fashion, I generated a table to chart my reading progress. I call such planning “organized”. You can pick your own descriptor.

Name Pages
Intro 1
Table of Contents 7
Agenda 2
Info pack 34
Nominees 22
Omnibus 112
Commons 106
Arctic commission 182
Atlantic commission 119
Pacific commission 87
Appendix 181

Total 853 pages over 31 days = 27 pages / day

That doesn’t sound too bad: 27 pages/day? Gives time for discernment, read a few multiple times, do some searches/queries, listen to the inner voice. Easy.

So, this loops us back to my thread title: What should I be doing right now?
22 days to go, the page count remaining has escalated to 30pages per day, and that’s after I pushed through a bunch of easy stuff to help the numbers. I have wonderful excuses, including a wondercafe picnic to plan and attend…but, time to get cracking. The planned threads on “Called to be Church” and the orientation in June will have to wait for the next moment I need a break from reading.

You see, as part of going to General Council, I made a committment to the church. It is an honour to attend. There is a duty to fulfill.

I hope that I will live up to that nomination and election, by doing the best that I can, living up to my potential and listening to the voice of the community, the world, and God.

If you would like to join me on this journey, you can download the packages from the 40th General Council site: http://gc40.united-church.ca/downloads/workbooks

Peace, good friends.

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